• Online Profile creation by the member or his/her representative or even collected and posted by a Matrimonial Counsellors (MC) of OdiaLagna Matrimony.
  • Telephonic verification or email verification of the posted profile is done in order to authenticate and complete the online registration process with www.odialagna.com.
  • After sign up, the member shall be allotted with unique identity code and password for login purpose.
  • The Member/Representative/MCmaysearch for the desired life partner’s profile online according to themember’s matching criteria and preferences.
  • The MC may assist the screening of search profilesfor verification and the short-listed result shall be brought to the notice of the Gold member or any representative for a final review and selection.
  • On behalf of the Platinum (Plus) member’s expression of interest, the MC shall contact the selected member(s), in order to check their response and interest on the Platinum member’s profile.
  • There after screening the positive response return / interest shown the MC shall facilitate and arrange an initial meeting between both the parties. Meetings shall be arranged with the mutual consensus of both parties on timing, place and convenience.
  • After the initial meeting, the member or the representative shall be responsible for further discussions and meetings in the proceeding stages.
  • OL shall co-ordinate and facilitate for maximum TWELVE numbers of meetings for a Platinum+ (Plus) member within a time period of TWENTY FOUR months.
  • One time membership registration fee for a Platinum (Plus) membership is Rupees: TEN thousand only.
Odialagna shall facilitate and arrange for an initial meeting between the mutually interested and consented parties with their convenience. The searching, screening & meeting shall be assisted and co-ordinated by a dedicated Matrimonial Counsellor leading towards an optimum level of discussion.
*** {‘Broad ~ Way’ match making solution} ***
Profiles:12 Numbers.
Time Frame: 18 Months.
Membership Fee: 10000/-


  • At any stage of membership service, the member can upgrade their membership category by paying the difference amount applicable.
  • After the validity period is over or after the successful closure of services, the member may renew the membership with an additional offer.
  • The membership fee, time frame and proposed services, mentioned under different membership schemesare applicable up to 31ST Dec, 2018.
  • In order to advertise the member’s profile in leading newspapers or any other media, the members shall have to pay theancillary charges.
  • OL shall not be responsible for any false information, poor response, less interest shown by the other member and shall never influence any decision.
  • The existing profile status or any change in current status may not be updated due to lack of information from the member’s end without reasoning.
  • The paidmember shall be eligible to get substitute proposals against wrong contact details and marriagedone profiles not on the basis of response.
  • Members must confirm the latest package or offerings at the time of registration. Other ancillary services shall be charged as per the extra costing.
  • In case of marriage fixed/done through any source during the membership period shall lead to the cancellation of membership with immediate effect.
  • The membership fee is non-refundable under any circumstances. The extension of time frame shall be granted on the basis of available resources.
  • OL provides match making service, sharecontacts &proposals, facilitate meetings only and nevercommits for any materialization of marriage.
  • OL reserves the right to consider or reject any membership category at any point of time, even during the service period without any reason thereof.
  • OL reserves the right to add, modify or alter the membership schemes& service terms as and when required.