Membership Welcome Letter

Respected Member/Representative,

On behalf of the entire Odialagna family, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you as our esteem paid member joining us.

We pride ourselves on offering our members responsive, personalized and excellent services. Our members are the most important part of our business and we work tirelessly to ensure your complete satisfaction, now and for as long as you are a member.

You are requested to treat this match making service as a medium to search the profile of your choice for a mutual discussion. We never negotiate or influence for any marriage proceedings and fixation in any way.

New members are joining and updating their profiles with Odialagna on a regular basis. Therefore we are providing appropriate timeframe (2 months – 24 months) in various membership categories to search for your preferred partner. You are always requested to wait patiently for the right matching profile to approach.

We can be reached during regular business hours (10 am – 6 pm) and all seven days except gazetted holidays in the following mediums:

  1. Member may follow the services available, directly online by searching and sort listing profiles of your choice and at your own convenience.
  2. In house service (Members may avail the services at our office on an prior appointment basis with the matrimonial counsellor)
  3. You will be assisted for profile verification and establishment of effective communication with the desired profiles.
  4. Telephone: (0674) 2972069, 9338411121, 9861911121, 8448449840.
  5. Email: or

You are requested to understand the service terms properly in order to cooperate with our matrimonial counsellors throughout the service period and provide them appropriate opportunity to serve you better.

Thank you once again for entrusting us and we shall be honoured to serve your most valuable socio-matrimonial needs.


Odialagna Team

(Please read the contents carefully in order to understand the applicable service terms & conditions following different membership categories and to avoid any kind of misunderstanding thereof. Herein enclosed the terms of Membership Category you have opted for along with the service provision for your reference)

Membership Terms & Conditions

  1. By registering at Odialagna Matrimony (OL) you explicitly understand and agree with the terms & conditions of your membership.
  2. OL shall not be responsible for the candidate’s information furnished in our website by the candidate or any representative in any way.
  3. At the time of registration the female candidate must attain the age of 18 and male candidate must attain the age of 21 even their representatives should have attained the age criteria.
  4. The paid member’s services in all categories shall be provided by our official consultants / counsellors only after verification of the desired profiles and direct online service provision is not recommended.
  5. The members or their representatives should cross-verify their matching / desired profile’s furnished information with physical appearance carefully before / in the proceeding stages for a certain match.
  6. OL shall not be responsible for any kind of service liabilities towards free memberships or oblige or stand by any service terms for free members even after expression of interest.
  7. The match making is done on the basis of profile details only, OL shall not be liable or responsible for any incorrect match-made due to misrepresentation of the furnished information.
  8. The confirmation of positive response by the desired member towards Gold/ Platinum/ Exclusive members, is generally accepted through verbal communication and if necessary by SMS or mail service.
  9. OL shall not be responsible for the decline or refusal by any part in the proceeding stages; hence the service closure shall be counted against the particular proposal by the desired member.
  10. At any stage of membership, one member can upgrade his/her membership category by paying the difference amount or Swap membership with adjustment of leftover services and time period.
  11. If any information furnished by the candidate or the representatives is found to be incorrect or fabricated with wrong / fraud intentions the profile shall be blocked or black listed by OL without notice.
  12. In case of false propositions / misbehaviour / unwanted disturbance created by any member or their representative towards other members or counsellors, the profile shall be blocked / black listed by OL.
  13. The Black listed / blocked / deleted profiles shall not be entitled for further services or any benefits of their membership; the membership fees shall be forfeited without any reason thereof.
  14. Provision of value added services / advertisements / door step services shall be charged extra with mutual consent as per the cost factors involved and also applicable for customised services.
  15. OL reserves the right to alter /suspend /terminate /hide /block the displayed profile; as requested or not meant to be displayed or even for unfurnished profile details without showing any reason thereof.
  16. Members are responsible for the update of furnished information in the profile; as and when required, in order to avoid any kind of misunderstanding and for a better match-making option & process.
  17. OL may appoint / exchange the service consultants as and when required, in order to enhance the service quality and to avoid undue service delay by the serving consultant in their absence.
  18. Members should co-operate in all manners with the official consultants and not to enforce any proceedings to take place within certain /specific time period without mutual consent of the other part.
  19. OL shall extend the time period of membership as per the service availability as and when required. Hence members are requested to bear the inconvenience due to delayed response for their profile.
  20. OL provides personalized services with assistance and searching for the desired profile may take some time, therefore the members shall have to co-operate with optimum patience within waiting period.
  21. OL shall appoint or exchange the matrimonial counsellors or service providers as per the match making requirements and as per available expertise, also the member may request for a change.
  22. OL provides non-automated manually verified services between 10am to 6pm (Office Hours), paid members are requested to take an prior appointment for an efficient & effective service provision.
  23. OL is under no obligation to provide services in case of non-response or non-correspondence by any of the desired profiles; Forceful proposals or propositions are prohibited for any membership.
  24. In case the member or the representative finds any kind of false/incorrect information furnished by any member, it should be brought to the notice of OL for an immediate action with proper verification.
  25. OL reserves the right to reject any application or membership at any stage due to any reason thereof. Misbehaviour, abusive words, enforcing towards the service providers is strictly prohibited.
  26. Members must confirm the latest package or offerings at the time of registration along with applicable terms and conditions and must follow their membership discipline throughout their membership.
  27. OL reserves the right to add /remove /modify /suspend any or all of the ancillary / complimentary services at any time as it may deem it. (Not applicable for customized services)
  28. OL reserves the rights to alter/delete/change the membership category and packages along with service terms as and when applicable or required.
  29. The paid membership registration fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  30. Any dispute arise shall be settled under the court of law in Bhubaneswar jurisdiction (Odisha) only.
Terms & Condition